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Charlie's Travel Checklist

Updated: Jan 27

  • Dog Food – Make sure to bring enough dog food for the length of your trip, plus a little extra.

  • Dog Treats – A bag of dog treats is helpful for reducing anxiety in dogs on a road trip, and for reinforcing good behavior.

  • Water and Feeding Bowls – Bring extra water in a sturdy, BPA-free, gallon (or larger) container along with collapsable travel bowls.

  • Leashes and Collars – Make sure that pet tags are affixed to collars and feature your latest info and a rabies tag. Bring an extra leash in case yours breaks, gets lost or chewed up.

  • Lighted Collars or Reflective Vest – A LED dog collar can make it easier for people to see you at night. Reflective dog vests are good to have as well.

  • Dog Beds – Make sure to bring your dog’s favorite bed, or a lightweight travel version of it.

  • Pet Jacket or Rain Gear – You may encounter all kinds of weather on your trip. A pet rain jacket and warm jacket may come in very handy.

  • Dog Toys or Chews – Bring your dog’s favorite toy or chew to help reduce boredom and anxiety when staying in new places.

  • GPS Dog Tracker – A GPS collar can help locate your pet if they become lost in an unfamiliar area.

  • WiFi Camera – A "RoverCam" comes in handy when staying in an Airbnb or hotel.

  • Medications – If your dog is on any medications, such as heart-worm preventative, etc., don’t forget these. Bring a small cooler to keep them in.

  • Blankets, Towels and Old Sheets – If staying at pet-friendly Airbnbs or hotels, use these to cover furniture.

  • Lint Roller – A sticky lint roller can be very useful in cleaning dog hair from furniture in places you stay.

  • Poop Bags and Sealed Container – Be sure to bring poop bags & a well sealed container to put full ones in.

  • Cleaning Supplies – Paper towels and cleaners. Foam carpet cleaner can also help remove “pet accidents”

  • Vet Records – If your dog requires medical care while you are on a road trip, the veterinarian will need to see their most recent records. Print them out and bring them along. We keep all of Charlie's records in a thin 3 ring binder.

  • Your Vet’s Phone Number – Add your vet’s phone number to your contacts. This can save time in an emergency, if a vet needs to speak to them.

  • Pet First Aid Kit – A basic pet first aid kit, with gauze bandages, medical tape, antibiotic ointment, etc., is a must for traveling with dogs. Check out my detailed checklist here.

  • Car Seat or Seat Belt Harnesses – This is an essential Item. Special Car Seats designed for dogs and Seat belt harnesses keep Rover from being thrown in an accident.

  • Dry Dog Shampoo and Grooming Brush – Rover may get dirty and need a bath at some point on your trip.


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