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Old Broad With Jeep

Updated: Apr 20

#OldBoadsWithJeeps yep that's me. It seems that there is a whole population of old broads with Jeeps. Some single, some married, some widowed. But one thing we all have in common is we are all mature women who love jeeps just as much as the next guy (or gal).

I married into the Jeep life. My husband, however was born into it and grew up bouncing around in the backseat of a 1970 Jeep CJ7. When we met, he took me out in his own 1953 Willys and I was hooked. We were married less than a year later and he built me my own 1988 Wranger YJ. Before long, I learned how to wheel with the best of them and even participated in cutting new trails. Man... those were the good ol days!

After a few years we started our family and our bitch'n Jeeps no longer fit the "family" lifestyle. We were never Jeepless but the cool factor definitely suffered. We had to be more practical. Today, I am a soon-to-be empty nester. My son is moving to Montana this week and will be expecting his 1st child in June. My daughter has accepted a job in Colorado and will also be moving within a week. It's a scary but exciting time for me. I'm proud of my kiddos but feeling like an old broad... with a Jeep.

What is an empty nester to do?

Here are some lighthearted examples of how some parents cope with their empty nest:

1. Extreme Pet Parenting

With the kids gone, some parents might find themselves channeling their nurturing instincts into their pets. Suddenly, Rover becomes the recipient of gourmet meals, personalized birthday parties, and even a designated co-pilot spot in the Jeep. Who knew a dog could have a more luxurious and adventurous lifestyle than the children?

2. Home Alone Adventures

With no one around to judge, parents might embrace their newfound freedom with a sense of childlike mischief. Ever wanted to roller skate through the living room or build a blanket fort in the middle of the day? Now's the perfect time! Just make sure to clear the obstacle course before the kids come home for a visit.

3. home away adventures

Personally, I'm finding myself longing for an outdoor adventure. I've gathered a group of old broads (like myself) and am planning an all woman off-road adventure. We need this. I'm hoping it will spark a sense of strength and independence. An "I can do anything" attitude.

4. Mastering the Art of Texting

With children out of the nest, parents may discover a newfound obsession with texting. From sending daily updates on the weather to bombarding their kids with emojis, empty nesters become masters of the digital age. Bonus points if they accidentally send a text to the family group chat instead of their spouse.

5. DIY Home Improvement Frenzy

With no one around to protest, parents might unleash their inner HGTV star and embark on a spree of DIY home improvement projects. From painting walls outrageous colors to attempting to install a complicated smart home system, empty nesters dive headfirst into the world of home renovation—with varying degrees of success.

6. Embracing Social Media Stardom

Empty nesters might take advantage of their newfound freedom to cultivate an online persona. Suddenly, we are posting selfies on Instagram, sharing hilarious memes on Facebook, and even trying our hand at TikTok challenges. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? Who said kids were the only ones who could go viral?

These humorous examples illustrate the creative ways in which empty nesters navigate this new phase of life, infusing it with laughter and joy along the way. After all, laughter truly is the best medicine for embracing the empty nest with grace and humor.


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